Soldier Son

The other kids mocked me, they called me names

Heathen – they said, your mother is a whore

And your daddy’s the son of a whore. I did not listen

Who cares what everybody says? But I bled on the inside

I bled beneath the walls behind which I was hiding

In plain daylight. They called me Shaptir, spat sunflower

Seeds on my cheek. It is stained in my being, the root

of Anger, powerless that I am I am still attempting to smile. One night

I was returning home when three of them appeared at one corner

I did not want to fight. The chased me. Muslim scum, they cried

Desperately I was trying to find the right place to hide.

My dog tried to protect me, so they killed my dog.

Darkness tried to protect me, so they killed my darkness.

God tried to protect me

They killed my God.

But these are not tears, and I – I am not sad. I am rested

I am Vengeance.

I am Ready.


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