Plains of solitude

Just one word left in the library, all else have left

“Abandon ship” told “everybody” that “all” is ready

For mutiny. But then everybody could see that abandon

Was not really an option, as for the ship…

Let’s just say that the wood wasn’t of the best quality.

I’m searching for catch-phrases to convince words

To return. I’ve tried arguing, I’ll burn your books – I cringed.

I’ll spill ink on the graves of your mothers. Then “revolt”

Fired back. Flooded with adrenaline, I reacted with bile

A salve of well-thought-of curses, but how – you will ask

Does one curse when there are no words left to fire? Oh well,

I just frowned very intensely, made an ugly face, pursed my lips

“Silence” smiled back, oh dear writer you are not really vile

It’s only those finger-tips of yours that inspire “fear”.



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