No country

There is no country I can call my own, I claim it not

I’ve given up hope that memory will show

The dreams that I forgot; and what I’ve known is fog, like mist upon the tears

I’ve shed through all the miles I’ve sailed away while crossing through the years

Not lingering for a moment, not stopping at the signs I’ve climbed the walls and

Mountains like ivy on the vines and reached for highest meadows, and grasped

God by the hands. I’ve walked through distant lands and spoke strange incantations and

Savored each sensation, and loved the tingly sound of loneliness arunning, of happiness in void

I’ve jumped in all the darkness and braced the black embroiled

For me…I’ve left no country, no place to call a home, I claimed naught but my stardust

That’s sown into my own. I wished no call for moorings, I asked no weave of hands

And crossed into unknown anew as Sun still stands and cried

There is no country to stop me in my way

Yet…I’ll be back some day.


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